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Connect with subject matter experts across every industry to inform business decisions.


For startups, having access to the right perspective at the right time, is the key to making good decisions. Share clients learn through meetings, calls, and events.


Soylent connected with Dr. Pi-Sunyer, former President of the American Diabetes Association, the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, and the Obesity Society, to review their formula and work on the strategic launch of their first product. His input continues to be critical on their go-to-market.

Hiring and firing from Andy Dunn

Founder and CEO, Bonobos

Andy offered his perspective around using company culture and values to inform hiring decisions. With over 250 employees at Bonobos, Andy has learned how to find and nurture talented people.

Connect with the VP of Marketing & Ecommerce at Target to develop your branding strategy.


Recombine discussed healthcare reimbursement with the former CFO of Blue Cross Blue Shield to reposition their product in order save money and speed up industry adoption.

Ask any founder about his or her most valuable resource and you'll hear the name of someone, not something. GLG Share members develop relationships with peers and a core group of advisors who they can turn to for experience, perspective, learning, and motivation.

Cultivate your go-to-market strategies with the former SVP of Development and Operations of Google.

Culture Insights from Susan Salgado

managing partner,
Union square hospitality group

Susan has helped build brands with iconic company culture and customer service. While at dinner she used those experiences to help startup founders understand how to design an organization that gets culture and customer experience right.

How to Get World Class Experts to Support Your Company

“When you’re looking for investors, advisors, introductions, and insight, you can get that information by attending conferences and cocktail parties, and hoping randomly that you find someone who’s pertinent. This can suck up huge amounts of your scarcest resource, time. Or, you can go straight to the source. Professional expert networks allow you to efficiently convert your financial capital into relationship capital.”

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Attack your regulatory challenges with the help of the former Chief Counsel to the FDA.

Marketing Wisdom from Neil Golden

Former CMO, McDonald’s

With years of experience managing one of the largest and most iconic brands, McDonalds, Neil helped founders understand how to better reach and engage their customers.

GLG Share Gives Startups Access To Mentorship

“For startups who have been trading equity for similar answers, GLG Share represents a new way to enjoy mentorship without handing over part of their company.”

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